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New to programming, where should I start?


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Hello all,


I'm very new to computer programming and I'm really needing help on where to start. I've worked in the IT field for several years and I'm wanting to narrow my skills down to programming, if that makes sense. I didn't receive an education in computer science and I'm basically self-taught. Should I be taking classes to learn the basics of programming and go from there? I basically just need a push in the right direction. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You can learn plenty of programming by yourself. Certain aspects may be more efficiently taught in courses, but for demands such unspecified as yours I'd vote for learn-it-yourself.

The Novice Guide to Teaching Yourself How to Program (Learning Resources Included)


Coding Basics: A Guide to Choosing Your Optimal Text Editor or IDE


7 Easy Ways to Learn Coding and Computer Science for Free

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I think you should state a preference. What type of programs/applications/models do you want to build? There are many languages and they don't have the same strengths.


For example, I used to write a lot in Matlab, and that made it relatively easy to pick up a few other languages that use lots of math (i.e. ray tracing languages).

But I am useless using C++, or even python and I don't really understand the concept of a compiler (never used it).


Both those languages (matlab, povray) started with the smallest possible projects... something to give an instant result. Instant satisfaction. And that's the only thing that kept me motivated.

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