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Quick question about IgM Levels

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Does every person, infectious and healthy have levels of IgM in their blood?


I ask because i recently had blood work done in relevance to thinking i have HIV, my tests were negative for p24 and anti hiv, however, my IgM level was low and my plat count was low



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Low IgM could be indicative of various issues (such as autoimmune disease), however obviously further investigation is needed to isolate the cause. However, your blood test could have been taken on a "bad" or "odd" day for you and the results may not be indicative of your "normal" IgM levels. Also, sometimes blood levels that fall outside the normal range are normal for that person (if not related to some sort of health problem).


Your doctor should determine the next course of action, depending on how far outside the normal range your levels were, and your symptoms.


It's highly unlikely to get a false nagative HIV result so I'm sure you're fine in that respect.

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