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What are you listening to right now?


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Hope this works. First one extraordinary to watch her build sound. She did this, sounding exactly the same, busking.


This is very different, starts quiet, picks up, sounds like a young Paul Simon, unplugged


This is Nick Drake, dead close to 40 years, from possible/probable suicide. Favorite of Heath Ledger and Brad Pitt, I was surprised to read, recently. In Britain and Oz, almost a requirement to qualify as a tortured, deep thinking academic student, and yes, if you know Nick Drake, you do get automatic respect.


He wrote lovely, gentle, often sad songs, perfect for those suffering from mild depression and feeling outside the mainstream.



This one doesn't seem to work. Google WHEN THE DAY IS DONE by Nick Drake, youtube

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For those of you with or witout a hearing deficiency, are unbiased and can read, take a look at this.


I’ve read it before, but don’t you just love it?


Shortly after joining the PGA tour in 1965, Lee Trevino, known as the Happy Tex/Mex was at his home in Dallas one morning, up early on a Monday mowing his lawn. The weather being very hot, Lee’s wife Claudia had gone inside to make some lemonade.
A middle aged woman in a shiny big, new Cadillac stopped in front of his home, lowers her window and asked, "Excuse me Sir, but do you habla English?" Lee responds, "Yes Ma'am." The woman asks, then tell me, "Do you charge per hour or by the job to do yard work?" Without hesitation Lee smiles broadly and replies, "Well, righta now ‘de lady ina dis casa letsa me sleep with her." Hurriedly the woman puts the car in gear and speeds off.
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