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What are you listening to right now?


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What a difference 35 years make ...





Now that Jimmy showed me how its done.
Thanks Jimmy, you're a saint.

( how does Benedict Cumberbatch always manage to look so damn cool !  @ 56 sec in the 2016 video )

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I was almost sure that this man would change his status (increasing) because I had seen his desire at his first music video at "ya lili , ya lila"



I can't understand or even spell well this arabic ..


-but mid / low quality -


high/mid quality,I give 8 points of 10.



maybe it bwould be good to visit india instead romania. 

cheaper and same or better quality.

but I do not know whether the musics appearing above produced in india.





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Money for Nothing (and get your chicks for free)


Apparently Trump's election team  wanted to use that to open his rallies but  Sting was insisting on royalties.

Then Trump said he expected  the royalties from them but Sting said he wasn't even American, just an Englishman in New York



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