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I love the lyrics, here are the first 3 verses:

We live in a strange world

Wanna bite it but hard as nails

A world i pretend love

And concepts we can't think over

That doesn't mean we make our Tooth-fairytales

So wake up and get into

It might just be good for you

I'm a man

Who has freedom to believe

And i choose reality

No deamon that sues me

But i know it can be hard

To hide from a tyranosaurus

Speak as your tiny mind

That swallows the universal


And I

Live in fear no more

I want you to

Live in fear no more

And I

I'm built like a hurricane

I want you to be

In control again


Edit: Could some native confirm that "sues" should be "soothes" ?

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The music is dead. "Let the good times end tonight," she coughed out as the stereo returned to whence it came . She has a mind of her own, this steely-eyed ship of mine.

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Listening to the first 4 yearly awarded songs from 1964 to 1974 at the Sanremo festival.

Something very ignored in U.S. by most. Perhaps 0.01% of U.S. music followers know about.


OK... samples:


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