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Cyclops once played a Trombone, just once. He picked it up, fixed it, br.pr.br.pr.ewed into mouthpiece with vibrating lips. He played for a long time moaning away like a fog-horn.


When he slept that night he dreamt that milk was oozing out of the corners of his mouth.


Any Psycho-Analysis?!


Cyclops own analysis is that the vibrating lips stirred the memory of his childhood, milk-sucking babehood, what an easy way to regain Lost Innocence!


After that the sweetest music to cyclops' ears was the playful thrpthrm, thrpthrm issuing out of childrens lips.


He played the flute the same way with vibrating lips, not with a blow hole in the mouth. He felt he reached inaudible supersonic sound range. Did he?


Any comments, friends?

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