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3 questions I need help answering

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Detailed answers would be appreciated:

1) What is the difference, in terms of data obtained, between Coomassie Blue staining and Western blotting.

2) What kind of important information can be obtained from purifying a protein from the native species itself?

3) Why is it not a good idea to use too much of template DNA for a PCR reaction?


Any help would be appreciated, thank you

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not goin to answer for you, but:

1. what do you use to help visualise the proteins on a western and isnt used on a coomassie? I.e. what does your secondary antibody bind to in a western? why can you see so many bands in a whole cell lysate coomassie?

2. talk about native protein structure, binding partners, etc.

3. say you have a ball pit full of yellow balls (being your DNA template) and 1 green ball (being your primers) in a room with no gravity, how easy would it be for the green ball to move between the yellow balls to find their specific binding sites.


hope this helps!

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