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Seperating Na+ from Cl-?


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If one were to make a solution of NaCl and water, would it be possible to seperate the Na+ and Cl-? I would like to then see if i could somehow run the Na+ through an electric coil to make electricity, and the same with the Cl-. I am thinking this might work becuase if you put a magnet through a wire coil, it makes electricity. Possibly, instead of a magnet, i could use the charges of the Na+ and Cl- to make electricity. I first just need to know if i can seperate the Na+Cl- using magnets.

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Cl2 and H2 are both neutral gases. NaOH is an ionic solid and is made up of Na+ and HO-. In solution the two ions will have dissociated from each other and posses solvation shells around them. Essentially all that will happen is that you will now be trying to seperate Na and OH ions instead of Na and Cl ions.

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