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Bridged switch

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"In depression, glucorticoids are elevated, life seems hopeless, and rats think their bar opens shock circuits.


If one is using effort on bad behavior, its often best to remove its substrate from what enthralls ones focus.


Freud posited that depression is aggression turned inward, suggesting persons adopt annoying habits of characters no longer available to them; but it seems more like the rat who thinks it can control its suffering.


Persistent delusion begins to harm more than help - although its feeling of control at first damps its stress response, it eventually gets more stressed than rats who never had control.


Sapolsky, Robert. <i>Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers</i>. Updated. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1998. Print."


I know the rats don't think that the pulsed Q (in this case the output of the circuit turning ON their electric stressor) is inhibited by opening a switch on its circuit by pressing their bars, but you get my point.

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If it was clear, I wouldn't have asked again. Or, say, two of us asking.


you're making no sense, fractalres. We don't understand what you want.


It is normal to call a closed switch 'bridged'; I'm wondering if there is an alternative name for an open one.

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