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The evil is among you, Here right now.

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And we all know where that leads! :lol:


michel123456, that's going to keep me chuckling for the rest of the weekend. I hope you meant to be that funny in French, too. :D

O la la, oui.


Michel pour les intimes.

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Hook line, and sinker. your all a bunch of Hippocrates,


My ploy to ethical discussions, I mean to find out how many are capable.


Some know how to understand philosophy, most are in delusion of quantum, world deifying particles. Thinking math is the doctrine of modern day world? Please you could never understand, obviously I have determined this in a scientific manner. Using the critical method.


All have attacked me. all fail to understand.


Mooy poo you also, I have made the conclusion all your education is meaningless. you need to get your money back.


suspending me for answering questions? I did not highjack anything.


Intelligence is the ability to learn. You don't delete south park videos on a science forum? Grow up.


You need everything explained to you? your socialist group , and your antics leads to these determinations.


Just if it suites your own twisted needs. You caused the break down in trust, you are to blame.


Most of you cannot even grasp reality. I will find a place to talk with intelligent men and women. You will always be the same.


I would like to teach you all about your narcissistic tendency's, but I don't have the time to explain. you will figure it out eventually.


I wont be posting here any longer. I hope you may learn to look in the mirror for a change. FOOLISH FROGS.


Learn how to delete what needs to be deleted, and not the scientific content.


Ignorant Peevs.


Not one post was deleted from the ethics thread, because you have no idea what it is.


Learn more in the link i provided! meanwhile learn how to properly moderate, all of you.


Look at the gravity thread as example. Some day you will need to follow along if you want to even be in the race. Its called evolution.


This is the place to talk about religion, not argue about it..



To answer your stupid ignorant questions mooiepoo ill do it again by your own word.


P.S, simply put (and ignoring some more complicated etymology), my nickname means 'bullshit' so I do agree that in this discussion it is self evident. Not quite sure how it's relative to relativity, though, unless you're the frame of reference, and I'm the observer.


Here is my solution. simply put (you are the one who has been (ignoring some more complicated etymology Get your money back!), my nickname means 'bullshit'. therefore that is all you are, ignoring scientific facts.! You said it your self, Ignoring complicated matters, you have no business policing, and a complete understanding in determining the facts i have provide..



Quack :P:P:P:P:P:P

wiki how to tell you simply are

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So you break the rules and get suspended, and your solution is to not modify your behavior one iota. Bra … vo. (cue sarcastic slow clapping)



I wont be posting here any longer.


If need be, we can take steps to ensure this.

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Oh well, suspension is usually a good tool for letting people cool down, read some posts without the urge to respond, and hopefully learn something in the process. It doesn't always work, and there will always be people who are simply inconsistent with our purpose here. Scientific discussion and megalomaniacal behavior do not mix.

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