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Question about eyebrow thickness in males / females

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With the same genes for eyebrows (genotype), does the fact that someone is a female mean she will have thinner eyebrows and if a man, thicker eyebrows (different phenotype)? Or is the thickness the same, genetically determined but unrelated to gender?

I know many women pluck their eyebrows which makes these look thinner and therefore the overall impression is that women have thinner brows....but for example I am female and have natural eyebrows as thick as my father's (I pluck them too of course)..

So, if I have a son and give him my eyebrow genes for thickness, will he have even thicker eyebrows? Or as thick as me? For the last question, please consider my husband to have a bit thinner eyebrows than me.

Thank you for any help. I'm a bit concerned my son will have extremely thick eyebrows.

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I think you are trying to say that eyebrow thickness is a sex-linked trait which means you would find it on the X chromosome. Instead eyebrow thickness, like eye color is a phenotype. So make a punnet square...


Your husband has thick eyebrows so lets say he is: TT

You have thick eyebrows so lets say you are: TT








So your son would be homogeneous for thick eyebrows or it could be mixed in one case for him to have medium thick eyebrows it you were heterogeneous meaning you would be Tt.


Hope this helped!

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