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There is only one "thing" in the universe. It is a quantum. It is one dimensional and only has length. There are so many


of these in the universe that it is a number that your mind can not comprehend. Galaxies are built from them,


*everything* in the universe it built from them.


If any one of the quanta moves it creates time. Time is a two dimensional field created by the movement of of a




The faster the 1D quantum moves the more time it creates. This causes two things. The 2D time field both bends the


path of the quantum and the field extends farther from the quantum, affecting other quanta in range of the field.


Any bend in the path will create a loop. The path will always meet perfectly since a one dimensional thing being pulled


by a two dimensional field can only create a flat plane. A complete loop is what we call an "electromagnetic wave".


Big loops complete slowly. The completion rate is the frequency. As the quantum moves more quicklt it make a stronger


time field and bends ever tighter. Small loops ar visible light. a loop that has its head *almost* catching up with its tail is


a gamma ray, the highest frequency of a wave. The loops have direction to their spins.


Once the head catches the tail an electron pops into our awareness. The mass of an electron that we measure is the


distance that a closed loop "pushes" into 3D space when spinning at our current 'rate of time". If you could stop the


local passage of time the electron would "relax" to a rest mass of zero. The faster you spin an electron the more the


diameter contracts and the further it "pushes" into 3D space and the more mass it has. The path of the 1D quantum has


become a cylinder and the 2D acceleration field gets "depth". If another time quantum tries to cross the center of an


electron its path curves so quickly that it never makes it to the other side. This makes a magnetic monopole. Electrons


*are* monopoles.


If the electron spins passed a particular rate something strange and wonderful happens. The loop can't maintain the


cylinder shape of the electrons and "pops" into a new 3D path. The tiny center is rotating quickly and the loops were


just hanging out too far to keep up. The loop looks something like a Lorenz attractor equation. as the spin gets higher


loops are added. At the first loop we call this a proton. add the second and it's a neutron, add a third and its a helium


nucleus. Continue on to build ever higher spins and masses. Looks like one loop to argon then add a second to get


metals and a third to get the rare earths.


An interesting feature of the Lorenz equations is that the path goes chaotic at particular values. This is the source of all


randomness and chaos in the universe. All the other paths are stable.


Another feature is that for some portions of the path the quantum is moving backwards against the forward rotation of


time - even though it is still moving "forward" allong the path. This creates short sections of anti-magnetism. Since the


loops are stable within their energy states these anti-magnetic "spots" have distinct three dimensional relationship to


each other. These are "positive". Anti-magnetic fields attract magnetic fields. These are the connection points to stick


folded quantum together.


This makes ferromagnetism mutch easier to explain. Electrons are spinning cylinders that stick to distinct spots on an


iron atom. If you put the iron in a magnetic field they will detach then reattach spinning in the same direction. Smack the


iron thing hard and the electrons will disengage and re-attach randomly.


Super conductivity then becomes a balance between the anti-magnetic spots of the atoms and monopoles of the


electrons. "Cool" the material - slow its time - and the electrons will relax.


This brings us to "particles". Particles are just spirals. They were loops and were broken by matter smashing into


matter. The spiral has mass from it's depth. Spirals can be in either "hand" and be spinning in opposite directions.


These "reverse spirals" were anti-matter. You could call them spirals and ant-spirals?


Now that we have time, energy, light, matter, and magnetism, let's move on.


Any loop will accelerate another loop. Any matter in the universe will be attracted to any other matter in the universe. As


long a time passes. With no time matter repels as the electrons relax. But there is always time in a magnetic field. So


matter maintains itself with no time. As it collects togetehr in an externalk magnetic field matter builds its own field.


Once the field gets strong enough it starts "creating" electrons by spinning the fast enough to close the loop. This make


more mass that make a stronger field that atrract more matter. Eventually the field is strong enough to create protons


and it grows ever faster. More mass, more field and Helium gets made. In fields strong enough to produce other energy


in the process. A star is born.


Toss a rare earth magnet into deep space and it will eventually form a star.


Keep adding time that gets converted into energy and mass. The thing just keeps growing. A red giant is a solar system


whose planets are all massive enough for the production of hydrogen. Lumpy stars. As the mass climbs the elements


are made. The higher time rate stars are only partially visible to us. We think white dwarves are massive and tiny


because their radiation is mostly blue-shifted out of our timereate. Black holes are stars that have all their output blue-


shifted beyond our timerate.Type 1A supernovae are red-shifted to where we see the same top end of radiation from


explosions that are very different in intensitiy.





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