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Large Hadron Collider -New Descovery-

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The solution is similar to that I put forward to explain 'the anomalous magnetic moment of muons'; i.e. speed within a magnetic ring is 'relative' to the speed of the magnetic flux; not to the 'speed' of an external observer. When a particle enters a magnetic ring it is immediately subject to less resistance and an increase in momentum. This increase in speed will be observed by the neutrino as a huge deceleration because it has entered a new time zone (relative to the time zone of the external observer; the neutrino will observe that that external observer has accelerated to c+.

Neutrinos have immense penetration power indicating almost zero resistance in our time zone this allows neutrinos to retain their c+ speed when leaving a magnetic ring. What happens to c+ neutrino time is a matter for conjecture, but it is worth noting that the neutrino can only observe particles travelling in the same direction at c or faster therefore (our) c becomes the baseline for the measurement of (zero) speed.

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