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reasons the faithful cling to "God" . . .

charles brough

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One reason is that the idea of us "descending from monkeys," as the clergy likes to put it, seems demeaning and denigrating. It seems to deny our role and importance in the universe.


Another is that without faith, we are led to believe our existence is without purpose.


Without faith, we lack a moral foundation.


There are others, but these perhaps play the most central role. Anyone whose faith is based upon these questionable issues is encouraged to state they are. I suggest we go one at a time, however. Lets do this completely and effectively.

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William Lane Craig has admitted that nothing you could show him would challenge his faith


Mark Smith (of www.jcnot4me.com) set up the following scenario for Craig: "Dr. Craig, for the sake of argument let's pretend that a time machine gets built. You travel back to the day before Easter, 33 AD. We park it outside the tomb of Jesus. We wait. Easter morning rolls around, and nothing happens. We continue to wait. After several weeks of waiting, still nothing happens. There is no resurrection–Jesus is quietly rotting away in the tomb"


Smith asked Craig, given this scenario, if he would then give up Christianity, having seen with his own two eyes that Jesus did not rise from the dead. Smith wrote "His answer was shocking, and quite unexpected. He told me face to face that he would STILL believe in Jesus, he would STILL believe in the resurrection, and he would STILL remain a Christian. When asked, in light of his being a personal eyewitness to the fact that there WAS no resurrection, he replied that due to the witness of the 'holy spirit' within him, he would assume a trick of some sort had been played on him while watching Jesus' tomb. This self-induced blindness astounded me." If anyone doubts what Craig said in response, Mark challenges him or her to ask him the same question.


Loftus, John W. – Why I Became An Atheist page 214


There is no reason why the faithful cling to God, it's completely irrational - that's exactly the problem with it!

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