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DNA's Theory

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Is it true that scientists now are examining a new thing in DNA's Theory although it is believed to be getting closed and finished?


Would any one advise? I don't have to do with Biology and Medicine? But, I did have deep courses and read books about many branches in biology and the family are specialized.

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We do not yet have a complete understanding of the many many functions of DNA. Whoever told you our understanding was complete was wrong.


We know the structure and DNA sequencing is getting cheaper and easier every day but there are some areas on how those sequences are expressed that are not understood at all.

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In fact, not only the sequence is of relevance. The DNA molecule as a whole possesses a very dynamic structure (which is kind of expected due to the fact that it is a lot of activity is going on there), and that this also has very important impacts on e.g. cell regulation. So there are huge chunks of knowledge still missing all around.

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