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Mutant Existing

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Do think MUTANT are exist or they will in the near future?


One day in 1999 a little baby boy was born in Germany, at first glance no different from any other. But, the nurses noticed that the baby's muscles were twitching and called the doctors to check him out. We can only assume Uberbaby was showing off his guns to the ladies since when doctors examined the kid, they reached a unanimous conclusion: he was ripped as hell. But how did this happen? Was there a fully equipped gym inside his mom's uterus? No, as it turns out that's an extraordinarily stupid idea. It's actually a real X-Men-style genetic mutation that changes the way his body controls muscle growth. Cattle farmers have been intentionally using it for years to breed huge, muscular cows.


And now they're using for humans mutation.












John Galt


PPL, Sales Consultant


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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A mutation can cause such a type of change (tremendously rare) but the baby won't survive.. In future, yeah, it maybe possible.



Actually the "baby" in question did indeed survive and is still an extremely muscular child, why did you assume the baby wouldn't live?

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Of course "Mutants" are real, even today. If you are talking in genetics terms, a mutation in a gene can cause a response in a change in a phenotype. Take for instance Down Syndrome. It is actually a mutation and if you notice, it causes a physical change in a person's body. Just like the Elephant Man Syndrome that causes tumors to form throughout the body. It also causes deafness, and blindness in some even most cases. This is caused by a mutation as well (I believe it is a disease that can cause the mutation).

So yes, there are already living Mutants in our world today.

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Take for instance Down Syndrome. It is actually a mutation and if you notice,


Down Syndrome isn't caused by mutation.


Most mutations that occur are within introns within the DNA which have no coding function so aren't phenotypically expressed. In reality anyone with cancer could be described as a partial mutant and mutation occur throughout our whole lives however thankfully in most cases they are repaired or have no effect. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most common sporadic genetic disorder this is due to mutations within the dystrophin gene causing weakening of the skeletal muscle.

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