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How do you delete your profile here?

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Hey there. I used to be a total lover of this place and such, but things have happened and such, and ive kind of drifted elsewhere in interest. But im trying to kind of wipe off my history on different sites, how do you delete your profile here? I cant quite find a delete button or anything. XD Sorry, im not abondoning you guys or anything, I just dont have time or anything anymore, and I dont want my name to be under science forums from back when I was younger to be my first thing that pops up on google. Not that thats a bad thing or anything, I just want to be known differently and such, no offense to anyone, please. =]

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There is no option to delete your profile. You can change the your username yourself in the settings, if I remember correctly. Other entries about you in your profile you can also delete yourself. If you cannot change your username send a PM to Cap'n Refsmmat, he can change it in "the guy who is afraid of his Google past" or whatever you prefer.

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