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Questions about Fundamentalism

charles brough

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Is it as the Bible says, "God came to bring not peace but a sword?"

Has anyone ever seen that sword? It must exist if the Bible says

God came to bring it. So where is it?


I know that is picky, but the fact is that that is what is meant by

"taking it literally." Also, what did God mean by the many references to "Babylon?" Did that mean Rome, the "Anti-Christ" of just the city of Babylon?


And if the Bible is supposed to be "The Infallable Word of God," why does He have Moses describing his own death and burial? Why does He tell us to "play with snakes" and "speak in tongues, "drink wine" and "wash each others feet?" Do you do all these things? If you don't, you are disobeying ":the infallible world of God."

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