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Water , NaCl , Sugar mixture !


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A reference I found indicates that at 25 degrees celsius the solubility of NaCl is 0.36 Kg of NaCl per 1 Kg of Water . If there was a mixture of 1 Kg of Water and 0.36 Kg of NaCl at 25 degrees celsius and I stirred into this a small amount of Sugar ( 20 grams ) what would happen to the levels of NaCl and sugar ? Let's assume everything is at 25 degrees celsius , I only provided the numbers for clarity , it is more of the concept that is of interest .

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It is probable, but not certain that some of the NaCl would precipitate.

In general it isn't possible to calculate this sort of thing- you need to make the measurements.

In that regard it is just the same as other sorts of solubility data.

You can't calculate the solubility of salt in water, but you can measure it or look it up in a table.

You can't predict the solubility of NaCl in, for example, 10% sugar solution. It's probably not in any table, so you would need to measure it.

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What complicates this further is that sugar is not an ionic compound.


Start by measuring relative solubilities of different salts and mixtures of salts in distilled water. Then see how the temperature of the solution affects the results. I would imagine you'd see a pattern form in your results.


If anything interesting develops, post it on here.

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Check it, but I don't think the NaCl is likely to precipitate out that easily(once dissolved). I mean NaCl is an ionic species, which will interact with H2O molecules more strongly than sugar molecules. Once the NaCl is dissolved, temperature itself doesn't have much of an effect in precipitating it out, so I don't believe sugar will have that much of an effect on it.


So conclusion is; probably a negligible amount of salt (or none) will precipitate out of the solution. Whether the sugar will dissolve (even a little)? Yes, I think sugar will dissolve (at least to some extent).



Tell me if this theory is wrong. I welcome corrections. :)

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