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sapan soni

how ic's are named?

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I am 2nd year electronics engg. student.. I wanna ask that How the Integrated circuits are named like 'IC 7486', 'Ic 7408','Bc157'......etc?

Are there any special methods to give names to diodes, transistor ?

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By the manufacturer, usually the company that manufactures, plus a reognized industry family, a sequential number from the development department, or the same number from another manufacturer if intended to be a replacement, and other markings as for material the enclosure is made of.

Example : MC4053PSJT. can be:

M= Motorola

C= CMOS or complementary metal oxide semiconductor,

40 = a family of CMOS

53= a sequential from the first manufacturer or mandated by an electronics association that implies a certain function

P= plastic body

S= surface mount

J= Gull wing leads

T = dimensions of body.


Additionally, other markings shown as 9312 S mean manufactured in 1993 - twelvth week, at the Singapore plant.



NE555CN For National semiconductor, Internal code, equivalent number to original IC, ceramic body, trough hole mount...


From the user point of view, as to name a designator on boards or schematics; it is from the beginning that integrated circuits are named Uxx, or ICxx; being xx an arbitrary number that correlates a sequence on parts list or location on a schematic or board. Transformers T; capacitors C, Inductol L; resistors R; crystals X; P plug; J jack; etc. are standardized nomenclature.

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