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  1. 1. is time linear?

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time is an illusion, it tricks you into thinking that there is a future and past.


some one once aked me " about an hour ago i went outside for a ciggarette.


If we are not moving through time, 'where' is that man who was/is outside having a ciggarette?


Is he and i the same and the the time i experience separating him and I just a measurment of movement?



Where has he gone?


Where is he now?"


i think your forgetting that you MOVED since then

it doesnt leave an old you in time...u changed since then

time is a measurement of what changed

the happening is the changes you are making

time is... measuring the change of a constant... like orbiting the sun



if there weren't two points in space, it wouldn't exist


things are going to constantly move...never ending journey through the cosmos.and with the power to understand it is the greatest gift god could give to man! "the power of comprehension" most animals dont get to have such a gift.


Einstein once said "if you sit with a girl you like for a few hours it seems like a few minutes

but if you put your hand on a hot stove for a few minutes it seems like a few hours."


i love that. it makes me think or how there are an infinite amount of numbers between 1 and 2 the sam 1 and 2 you measure tim with therefore time is happening as fast as you can precieve it.


dont think of it as a time line...you dont flow through time. simply...things are, and they change



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I think since everything exist at specific moment on time,then time in lay mans terms really is just a series of moments.For eg. If I were sitting in a chair and then I got up and went on my bed.There will forever be a specific moment in time when I was sitting in the chair.If I could pause anyone of these series of moments I could go back to looking at myself sitting in the chair.It's exactly what a camera does when we take a photo it take a snap shot of one of those series of moments.If there is a car parked in the picture then that car was at that specific location at that moment in time.This is why we can't travel forward or backwards in time because we can't skip any of those series of moments.


I don't think light would be timelss,though it is the fastest thing we humans know it does not mean it is the fastest thing there is.Light can't be timeless since it takes time for light to travel great distances and it's affected by gravity which might have an effect on its speed.

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John Stewart Mill; "The more things change, the more they remain the same."


My own personal take on the subject is this:



1. The past is a set of circumstances no longer at work.

2. The future lives only in the imagination of men.

3. All that remains is the present....................................Entropy at work.

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