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Do people really tend to prefer their own physical coloration?

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While reading a topic about web color contrast I found this interesting information:




As an art teacher, I have experienced first-hand one of the elements he [itten] mentions, the fact that people tend to prefer their own physical coloration, that is blue-eyed blond(e)s like blue and yellow specifically, and light, bright, pastel colours in general, while olive-skinned, dark-eyed people tend to prefer browns, blacks, and other deeper, more saturated colours. I was covering an art class once where a blonde student was being pressured by her brunette teacher into darkening and deepening the colours of her painting. I explained her teacher's natural colour bias, and exhorted the student to be true to herself (though I am dark myself, and have the same bias).



Is that true or just a simple myth? Can color bias really be so simple as the color of your skin and eyes?

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I would assume that preferences are highly dependent on sexual imprinting. Just to pick a random paper, Bereczkei et al. (2003) Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B (2004) 271, 1129–1134 published a study with mating preferences of adopted children were investigated.


Apparently their husbands had traits similar to their step-father and this further correlated with the quality of the relationship between father and daughter. As such I would think that color bias could be highly dependent on with whom you grow up.




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