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What do you know about the sun?


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I am writing a paper on our sun. Earth's.


I have whipped up a short survey. I need some solid input and I came here thinking this was the place to find that. The survey is 4 questions long and your help would be appreciated and go to good use.




Thanks a lot.









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This question is rather non-sensicle

1. Which element, after fusion, fuels our sun?

I gather you are asking which element, after hydrogen fuels our sun?

Do you mean chronologically or percentage?

As I understand it the amount of helium fusion going on on Sol at the moment is negligible.


Question 2 is also a bit ambiguous

One could say that a beetle is a bit larger than an ant and for (some kinds of ant and beetle) the ratio of their lengths would match the ratio of Jovian radius to Solar.

Alternatively you could talk about mass, the sun is 1000 times as big (massive) as Jupiter which would definitely be none of the above.

This is why we invented units and numbers



Other questions/topics you might want to explore:

How much matter does the sun turn into energy every second?

How far away is it?

How old is it/how long before it runs low on hydrogen and expands?


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