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coloring a fireball


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In my side career, im graced with the opportunity to create some spectacular visual effects. One of these is a fireball. Generally speaking, we can use cremora or naphthalene in powder form, resting on a bed of black powder, and initiated via electronic match from a distance. This produces a decent flame ball. One of the crowd favorites is the petroleum flame ball. The same process is undergone, however the black powder is isolated in an inert container. This produces a very intense effect. Vast quantities of heat are given off, and the ball of flame exhibits a very cool rolling effect. My question being...I've always had success coloring fires with various salts, and im wondering, say i want a green flame, if i introduce barium carbonate to the gasoline, would this color the flame to that end? One industry trick is to bag methanol, along with whatever coloring agent is preferred, and sit that in a large steel pipe on top of black powder. They call this a ghost mine, since the methanol burns relatively clear, it creates a colored flame that you can see through. My intention is to achieve a similar effect, however more intense and not see through. Thanks for your help.

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