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Advantages of Linux

Cap'n Refsmmat

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Gcc' date=' G++, G77 and several other compilers are free. I have only ran into two programs that cost on Linux. So your argument is no good there. And Linux is a totally diffrent OS. It is not designed to run Windows applications just as Windows is not designed to run Linux applications.


Wine is a optional program to allow you to do this. It's not required. Also just type 'wine' at the console it will create a profile for you then just do ./program.exe or double click on it's icon or do wine program.exe in the console. Wine is not difficult to use at all.


Sorry but it seems your used to how easy Windows is. Your arguments are no good in my opionon. :embarass: Linux is a bit advanced in some areas but once you master it you will love it. Linux also allows you to have more control over your system. I mean it is open source.[/quote']


Mandrake cd4 is not free, it has several packages that a programmer needs.


LEDA is not free.


AS and when I need a new library for c++, i am certain I'll find that it wouldn't be free.


As "advanced" as linux may, as often as I may have to work on it, I still do not find it as easy to use as windows. I can not imagine a day when a substantial percentage of home pcs run on linux.

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