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is it bad to use a 9V battery on a 1.5 - 4.5V motor?

the guy

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is it damaging in anyway to use a 9V battery on a 1.5V - 4.5V 13100rpm electric motor?


i tried it with a 9V battery and it spins very fast and powerfully, which is what i need it to do for my application, but is it bad in any way?

would this be allowed in a commercial product for example?

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You may get away with it if the motor is not under load as its speed of rotation may produce enough back emf to limit the current taken to a safe level. Once under load and its speed of rotation decreases it will draw extra current from the battery and there is a risk of damaging the motor. I would not expect to find any component to be fed with a voltage greater than its rated voltage in any commercial product. There are conditions where your battery may not damage your motor. For example the battery internal resistance may be high enough to limit the battery terminal voltage to<4.5 volts under load conditions. But its not a good idea to rely on this - an old battery could be ok, but a new battery could cause damage. Also there is the question of insulation of the windings etc. - although at these low voltages its probably not a problem.

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