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When a country retreats from a war with a country that's like 30 times smaller, you won't probably want to learn the language. :) Especially when you live in the country that was the smaller one!


Edit: This might be comparable to an American who doesn't like to learn Vietnamese (or whatever they speak in Vietnam :P ).

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ok but some of that is quite crap sorry to sound rude but for example world war 1 and 2, yet in england it is compulsory to learn either french or GERMAN who we were at war with you can not stop learning there language because of the past, if that was so nearly every country in the world would not even bother trying to learn english because we went to war with about 70% of the world give or take a few percent, instead english is a language which is world known,

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pri vyet' date=' kak de'la?


do svi danya :P[/quote']it`s Privet kak dela (you don`t need the gaps and stuff) hello to you too and I`m doing great thnx :)


or should I say, zdrastvoyte, eto vse ochin horosho v moyom dome, spasibo, a ty?


do svidanja, is often too formal and better to say Poka or Tipa.


ty ponimaesh? :)



edited for simplicity.

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Sigh, started a lot of languages only speak 5 more or less in an acceptable way...


Ever started, no speak: latin, greek (classical), russian, classical Japanese, classical chinese, chines, korean

Speak more or less: dutch, english, french, german (to be prepared ;-), Japanese


And yes, I majored in Japanese, and I loooooved the engrish site!

Most funny thing I saw was a slightly naive and looking young Japanese girl with a T-Shirt saying "Take me I'm yours" over the chest...

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Finnish version: Haluan syödä mäyriä karpalokastikkeen kera.

Swedish version: Jag vill äta grävlingar med tranbärsås.


Yay, I only had to look up the "badgers" and "cranberry sauce" for the Swedish one. :D


Edit: By the way, did you know that the latin name of cranberry is Oxycoccus quadripetalus? Fascinating! ... *end useless info mode*


Edit 2.: клюква for cranberry (no, I don't know Russian letters myself, dammit :< )

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hehehehe :)


give me a few days (if I rem) and I`ll ask the Polish girl at our gardens what her lang version of same sentence is.


a little Trivia never hurt anyone.

oh yeah! and I`ll try find out what it is in Italian too :)

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indeed it is :)


although at face value it seems complicated when there`s about 33 leters and some don`t even have a sound.


and something like 8 Vowels too!


but when you get past your "Conditioning/indoctrination" with English, it all makes perfect, if not more sense than English does (or so I find anyway).


the problem arises with things like Masculine, Feminine, Neuter.


past pressent future, formal informal etc...


but on the whole, I`de say English would be the hardest to learn :)

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I can speak English,Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia quite proficently.(cause there are all mandatory in my country,Malaysia).Currently,I"m trying to learn Japanese,Spanish and German.I can read Japanese a bit but i find it hard to pronounce.Ditto for the other languages too.Can anybody help me?I know several words of greeting in German,such as guten morgen,guten abend, hallo etc.. I can read Japanese because a lot of the kanji resemble chinese characters.Spanish..guess I learn a bit about Latin. My mastery over these languages are basic though.can anybody help me?

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I know Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Learned French in school, but forgot most of it.


It is hard to learn how to write in Russian due to all of the strange letters not normally found in the English language like ь (myagkiy znak) and ы (tverdiy znak).

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