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COD reduction


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I have been tasked to reduce COD (from 50 000 ppm) to below 7000 ppm. My matrix is water (over 90%) and mixture of urea, formaldehyde, hydrocarabon (oil) and phenol.


How do I reduce it? I have tried hydrogen peroxide but I was not succesful



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Are you wanting to reduce the amount of cycloocta-1,5-diene in your sample, or are you wanting to reduce the double bonds to single bonds? I'm assuming the former rather than the latter seeing as you've given ppm.


You could always try a distillation...the components of the mixture you have all seem to have different boiling points. Alternatively, you could just extract the water layer with an organic solvent, say ethyl acetate. The COD will not really be soluble in water so you could get the majority of it out that way.

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