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Big Bang.


you must be a genius


forgot to say energy didnt come FROM the big bang, it just wasnt doing anything before it (apparently?)


also if the big crunch is true, energy would have existed in a relatively similar manner before the big bang

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I don't think you should transcend the issue of conservation of energy so easily by asking where it came from in the first place. First, I think you should look at various situations in which it is conserved and how/why. What goes up must come down, for example, but this has to do with the concentration of matter forming gravity-wells where matter continually coalesces from positions of greater potential energy to positions of less potential energy. Thus, you could say that all the energy currently being released from various potential sources comes from the big bang, in that dispersion of matter creates gravitational potential (energy) and that energy gets translated into fusion reactions and other energy-releasing and energy-storing phenomena. But then what is the point of asking where the energy for the big bang in the first-place came from? Do you expect to recreate it and capture new energy from nothing? If so, you could just as easily seek out a nebula or other broad dispersion of matter and begin harnessing the energy of its coalescence. Or you could skip ahead a bit by finding a star that's already coalesced into a fusion reaction and harnessing that energy. In fact, you could just put up solar collectors on mercury and use the sun's energy, or just go sit in the sun and soak up the energy with your skin, maybe grow some vegetables or other plants. What's the point of creating new energy, even if it was possible?

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Hey guys. I would like to ask according to the conservation of energy, energy can't be created or destroyed.


Then, where is energy come from??


Where did what energy come from? That is, can you determine that the net energy of the universe is nonzero?

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