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Can you hire a scientist?


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I am looking for a scientist who has access to a labarotory and has some knowledge of toothpaste or similair products and their ingreidients. I am happy to pay for this service. The right person would need to be happy working under a Non Disclosure Agreement. I am based in Wales, so it would help if you weren't too far away.


Can anyone help?

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You can hire scientists on consultancy basis. Unfortunately, the area you want help with is far from my area of expertise.


Universities will also take on consultancy work. Have a look at the Universities in Wales that have a dentistry school, Cardiff does and maybe Swansea?

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I would also suggest to contact universities and/or companies with labs, preferably in your local area. Contact individual scientists (and not the communication department). I guess most companies and universities will accept a Non Disclosure Agreement if you pay for the work.


There aren't many individual scientists with access to labs for private use. We all work at companies/universities, and would probably have to involve the organization anyway (if work gets done at a university or company, the results belong to the university or company - and any NDA must therefore be signed with the university/company, not with the individual scientist).


The tricky part is that ideally, you want to do business first (especially the NDA), and talk science later... but on order to find out if you are talking to the right scientist, you should talk science first, do business later. It's up to you to find your position between those two extremes.

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