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Okay so i was just reading a thread about Nooks and Kindle 2 which are different versions of an e-book reader (the latter developed by amazon) which got me thinking about other pieces of technology which is out there that i have absolutely no idea about.


heres an example




now if i knew anything about wii technology or had one myself i could explain a little about it and give my opinion on it unfortunately i dont and hence why i started the thread


btw from reading a bit of the site i think all you need is a wii remote and a c# compiler


heres another example



this type of technology scares especially for the price but i suppose everyone is walking around with cameras on their phones anyway.



oops i forgot there is some new technology that excites me, i cant wait for the new sony handheld ngp, its gona have dual analogue sticks which automatically makes me think COD aswell as having a quad core processor




heres an interesting watch about the kindle, gives you a scientific explanation about the screen

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Reminds me of a thread Pangloss had started . . . the Sixth Sense Device - MIT


I love the instant access to Amazon comments on books that you might be buying in a store and in person!


thats next level technology


the advert is too funny LOOL i want me some E-ink

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