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Where Does Space End? It Must End Somewhere!


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However, before we continue our discussion it is vital to close this issue as follow:

Without the BBT theory - There is no evidence for density decreasing.



But, as the big bang model is the only theory that (currently) fits all the evidence, that is about as good as science gets.


I look forward to you presenting an alternative explanation for the CMB (that also fits all the other evidence: Hubble's Law, baryon acoustic oscillations, the proportions of hydrogen and helium, the amount of dark matter, etc. etc.). Your new theory will have to provide a very precise mathematical fit to the data in order to be considered.


As some of the brightest minds of the last hundred years have failed to come up with an alternative, I won't be holding my breath. Based on past experience I expect some vague waffle about Newton and little in the way of detail. But feel free to prove me wrong.

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The CMB and BBT are not related as you think.

Hydrogen and Helium will be ionized at temperatures over 3000 deg ( the sun is an example and it can be done with an arc in a lab ) )

Their electrons cannot stick to their nuclei and so you have an opaque plasma ( i.e. it glows ).

If we measure the current background temperature and find it to be just under 3 deg , then by simple gas laws ( V proportional to T ) we know that the universe must have expanded over 1000 times.


I.E. The CMB and its cause, is an established and verified scientific fact which does not depend on the BBT, just expansion/volume increase. Which in turn,supports the BBT. It does NOT support constant density.

So it is not circular reasoning.

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Moderator Note

Where does this thread end? It must end somewhere!*









*Here. This thread ends here.



**David Levy, posting your own ideas / hypotheses in a mainstream thread (or any thread) is considered hijacking. You're welcome to open your own thread in Speculations if you wish to discuss your thoughts.

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