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electrons and worm holes


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I've learned that electrons quantum leap from one position to another in a quantum fasion. Here to there w/o traveling through the space (distance) inbetween. So I'm wondering, do they travel through a worm hole? and if so, isn't that worm hole just a momentum of proton vibration snaping back and forth at or near the speed of light?



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do you even know what the holographic principle is?


I do not know. I'll check out the link you provided but perhaps you could give us a breif summory of your understanding of this phenominon.

It sounds quite interesting.

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I didn't find anything on the electron existing everywhere all at once. I think your mistaken granpa.

The only "string theory" I can comprehend is the that everything is strung together by the momentum of time. Infinite possibility degrades into statistical possibility that degrades into a present and definite position that degrades into a line of past instances. All of these things exist as dimensions of spacial expansion except the present time which is the "Lenz" that the other dimensions are relative to (to us) because that's where we live. The momentum line of the past returns to the infinite possibility plane that releases another ray of momentum that will define the future position of the next instant of present time. This is the cycle of reality. The four dimensions are: the all, the probable, the present, and the past. then they repeat or loop. All of these dimensions are conected by momentum loops. Length, width, and depth, are properties relative to the scalar values of these fields. I might be wrong but the perception seems very real to me.

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