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Compounds consisting only of my last name?

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Is it possible to make a covalent [non-ionic] compound consisting of xenon only? Di-Xenon? Tri-xenon? Poly-xenon? If so, what is the maximum amount of xenons present in molecule made up of covalent bonds of xenons?


How many xenons is needed in a molecule to make it liquid at 70 Fahrenheit in atmospheric pressure similar to that of earth?


What would be the medical/biological effects of di-xenon, tri-xenon, or poly-xenon? What colors would these xenons be?


Poly-xenon is a covalent molecule consisting of more than 3 xenon atoms.



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I don't think scientists have done this, but they have made compounds with xenon with fluorine and even made xenic acid. Just google "xenon difluoride". I guess if you somehow stripped away the electrons from xenon then introduced it to normal xenon, it would be very electronegative (or wanted to take electrons) and would bond with xenon, but why would you even want diatonic xenon anyway? I mean its the heaviest noble gas without being radioactive, would you want to use it for energy? Maybe if you could somehow make xenon into a plasma and then somehow "push" all the electrons away, you'd be left with just nuclei, and that might form diatonic bonds, but diatonic noble gases isn't really something that occurs even in sci-fi.


I suppose though that its possible and I just never heard of it.


That plasma thing is actually a long stretch, all I really know is we haven't created diatonic xenon or diatonic any noble gas.

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"Is it possible to make a covalent [non-ionic] compound consisting of xenon only? "


You might, on a good day get two xenons bound together by Van der Waals forces but, at anything like room temperature it would decompose.

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