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Theists will never see the face of God. Giggle.

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Theists will never see the face of God. Giggle.


As a religionist of sorts, Gnostic Christian with a touch of Deist, I have to sometimes have a giggle at the position that believers in Bible God take.


Especially their more immoral positions as they accept Gods reasons for murdering or to them, just justly killing humans.


It is not funny but I giggle out of sadness for theists lack of thought and morals.


At the same time as I fight my own camp for their more bizarre thinking, I am attacked by atheists who see me as just as delusional as those who follow Bible God. I am in a rather unique position as you can see.


Having said that, I think all theists, especially those of the Abrahamic cults, Christians, Catholics and Muslims, need to chill a bit and not take religion so seriously. By doing so, you just make yourselves the laughing stock of the world. Laughter is good so I would like to share some with my fellow theist and atheist adversaries.




Those who follow Bible God, Christians, Catholics and Muslims, cannot ever tell what he looks like because of their vantage point.




Those who follow Bible God seem to go against the precedent set by nature and are thus acting un-naturally.


The God of any animal is one of it's own.

The God of ants is an ant.

The God of lions is a lion.

It follows then that the God of men should be a man.

No other animal, other than man, has taken the notion that it's God should be some alien or an entity of other than it's own kind.





As to Muslims, their fundamentalists have worked hard in killing those who would make fun of their particular God Allah and his prophet Mohamed and in the real world, I would perhaps refrain from jokes but in the anonymity of this place, I cannot help myself so I offer a picture of Mohamed as he would appear today.




In the voice of Achmed the terrorist, I beg you. Don’t kill me.











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