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Question for those who post new ideas.



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  1. 1. How seriously do you view the importance or your ideas?

    • I am "the next Einstein" and have written the theory that will change the world; now I just need to find some people who will take it seriously enough and can understand it.
    • I believe I'm the next Einstein and/or I will win a Nobel prize, as soon as I finish the theory that I'm writing/developing.
    • I believe I could one day win a Nobel prize for a theory based on some of the ideas I currently have.
    • I expect to learn enough to one day make an important discovery and develop it.
    • I think my ideas are likely incorrect or unimportant, but I post them out of interest or to learn about a topic.
    • I do not tend to speculate and post my own "new ideas".

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If you suggest new things on here, the very few people who do respond usually respond negatively. When you argue science fact, the moderator usually will be a douchebag and stop you, EVEN in speculations. Then they lock your topic if they don't like the direction it goes. So who really cares why you would post a new idea. What you should do according to this site is take your new idea and shove it up your own ass.

I think your irreverence is humorous but it's sad that you feel that way.


Often in threads when you "argue science fact" (is that for, or against established fact?), the threads get fixated on some detail of a theory, where a poster argues that it's right, and everyone else argues it's wrong and dismisses the whole theory. It would be "nice" if everyone encouraged the development of the theory to properly explain that one point that they're stuck on. However, this is not always possible because sometimes some small point is "wrong enough" that there's no way to go forward past it. There is no help that can be offered on something that is wrong enough or doesn't make sense enough or whatever.


It's sad that threads tend to turn into passionate but negative arguments, or die as ignored and often confused or nonsensical underdeveloped ideas.


Personally, I expect the next Einstein to be someone with more ideas than education. But what I think us crackpots should do with our ideas is DEVELOP THEM. Unfortunately, that means a lot of hard work and the only one who's going to do the hard work is you. When you develop an idea it changes it, and you can change it so that the "science fact" that everyone was so negative about, no longer applies. The idea gets better. The work involves proving that a point is right, or changing it until it is right. In most cases if the idea properly takes established science into account, it will either turn out to be wrong, or it'll be changed until it ends up very similar to established science. However there are new and good ideas all the time, and "established science" is always progressing and always ready to be pushed farther.


An idea is only valuable if it is understood and useful. The work put into to getting it there is what makes it valuable. Arguing about an unconvincing idea is pointless.

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