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Help with writing prac report discussion


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Hey guys


been losing alot of marks for my discussion on my prac reports, as i tend to talk too much irrelevant stuff like errors (which should be in error analysis)

could someone please tell what i should include/talk about in a discussion? i know to talk about the results but i usually end up not finding enough stuff to talk about...

If any of you have some examples that you could upload, that would be great as well smiley.gif


Our next prac writeup is to to "use the conservation of energy laws to investigate the effect of the mass of the object moving down an incline and the vertical height of the incline on the velocity of the object at the bottom of the incline".

So maybe if you have some points i could talk about that prac specifically to use as an example, that might also help

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Are you putting what should go into the discussion into your results? That's a common error. You write what you find in the results, then explain the findings in the discussion.

Discussion can also include ideas for further work.

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