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Kris K.

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He seems to be perpetually disappointed.


That is impossible. It violates conservation of disappointment laws. Otherwise, you could extract disappointment, and use it to power some kind of machine...?


I'll admit to being frustrated by the speculations forum, too. There just aren't really a lot of people looking for new (and crazy or underdeveloped) ideas to explore and discuss. Those looking for real science in a speculations forum probably don't have the understanding of science needed to do serious collaboration. Those with the understanding already have enough well-developed ideas to think about, and will tend to see what's wrong with your ideas quickly, while anything truly new and valuable could take a lifetime of effort to understand and develop further. You're not going to find collaborators here. Scienceforums.net doesn't pretend that Speculations is really about science, as some of us do.


The value in the speculations forum is in asking about a crazy idea that can be explained fairly easily by others, and in giving us pseudoscientists some space for self-indulgence with our ideas. Has there ever been a thread here that contained NEW ideas that were USEFUL, with a discussion that actually helped DEVELOP the idea?



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The speculation forum is one of my favorites, because I love thinking about new ideas and ways to challenge what we know.

But we have to remember that we're discussing scientific issues, so we can't really discuss a "whacky" idea without having to substantiate first.


If you look back through the posts of the forum, there ARE quite a number of them where people discussed actual ideas which either passed or failed - in a scientific manner. The only time we get frustrated or close a thread is where the poster refuses to cooperate with substantiation or evidence, and starts claiming ideas that have no bearing in reality and ignores the problem in their arguments.


It's all about how we discuss matters. If we maintain scientific integrity and examine the claims as well as the holes, we have great discussions.


The problem is that many amateur (or young?) posters decide they know better without really allowing anyone to get through to the actual science and challenge the basis of their premises. THAT is what derails threads and makes the speculations threads go whacky.



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