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Radiation Dose Chart


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A fun little something to share with your friends/freaked-out relatives.


As a somewhat-related side comment, the manager of my local food co-op (I live in Michigan, mind you--Michigan) said that she'd had several people coming in aiming to buy up all of the sea kelp supplements, with the intention of preventing radiation poisoning. She'd said a friendly e-mail had come across the national co-op listserv with some helpful information to provide such customers: to properly saturate your thyroid enough to prevent iodine uptake, you'd need approximately ten bottles of the stuff. Oh yeah, and also, the sidewalk concrete is currently flooding us here in f#%*ing Michigan with more radiation than the Fukushima nuclear facility is.

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Does anyone else see the irony in taking potassium iodide tablets "to prevent radiation damage"?


it does prevent radiation damage in a way.


although this is with the caveat that the isotope you are being exposed to is an iodine isotope and that there is a strong possibility that you'll ingest it.


it does work well at doing what it is suposed to do (saturate your thyroid with iodine to stop intake of radioactive iodine) but people see it as anti-every radiation there is.


i once met someone taking potassium iodide to stop them 'absorbing tv and mobile phone radiation'.

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I take that as a "No" then.


it protects your thyroid against I-131 which has a lot of potential to be found where nuclear fission has taken place.


this is its entire purpose, its not a miracle radiation remover and nobody is claiming it as such but the method of action is real. the only place in your body iodine hangs about for any length of time is the thyroid and thyroids don't take to radiation as well as other body parts do.


sure, it won't be a cure all, but it is better than nothing.

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Your cash is radioactive. Give it to me and you'll be safe.



Hey, it's worth a shot.


Old people tend to have greater wealth than young people.


Old people tend to die more frequently than younger people.


Ergo, wealth will kill you.


I am offering a similar service to yours , but more comprehensive as I will accept all items of value, and do not limit benefits to only a single threat to life. Radiation is only one of the items covered. Contribute and live longer.


I am old enough to feel little burden from additional wealth, so you can contribute with a clear conscience.


Credit cards not accepted.

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