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I have no access to laboratory but I am curious to know the result of this experiment which I read in my elder brother's book.


Step-1 Take about 2g ferrous sulphate crystals in a dry boiling tube.

Steo-2 Note the colour of the crystals.

Step-3 Heat the boiling tube over the flame.


I have figured the equation for this-



2FeSO4.7H2O(s) ------------> Fe2O3(s) + So2(g) + SO3(g)

I need help to know

1- What is the change in colour after burning?

2- What would be the smell of the vapours?



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The SO2 will smell somewhat like fireworks or a just-struck match. SO3 is stronger in its smell than SO2 and is often described as having a suffocating smell. You really would not want to smell them though, considering the risks. SO2 is toxic via ingestion and SO3 will react with water in the air and in your body to make sulphuric acid, which is quite harmful if you swallow it or inhale it.


As for the colour. The FeSO4.7H2O will have a bright blue-green colour. The Fe2O3, which is Iron (III) oxide (aka rust) will be a red-brown colour.

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