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I'm running this by question by everyone i can.


How do I open a website and have it actually fit my monitor full size instead of like fitting half the screen like it does.?


And i'm not talking about F11.


There has to be a way.

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Well, question: What browser are you using, and on which operating system?


And if you don't mean F11, what do you mean?



Internet explorer and windows XP professional.


When i click on a websites short cut to open the page it doesnt fit my monitor. I know about the maximize option at the top right hand of the web page. But it would really be cool if i did not have to click on that every time i start a web page.


There must be a way. i dont know enough about computers to figure this out on my own.


Than you.

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Hm. Usually programs are supposed to remember their size, so if you close them while it's maximized, it'll open again maximized. Does that not happen?



Thanks capn but i figured it out from a diferent forum. Thank you.

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Web Pages .. the same old problem,


The same file, the same content, made by standard script


.. interpreted differently among every browser


No wonder the interpreters names were taken from dinosaurs ...

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