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Do we sin against God or man and does God usurp our healthy forgiveness?

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Do we sin against God or man and does God usurp our healthy forgiveness.


I saw this video and did not agree with it.



If I sin, I think I sin against another human. Not against God. Against his law of course, or to be more specific, against the laws that men have attributed to God, but not against God.


This clip ignores the human victim altogether as if the victim has no right to feel offended and also have no responsibility to forgive the offender.


I find it rather droll that we are supposed to see God as the victim of all our sins.


If you were to visualize, for instance, God being the victim of all Gay sins, well you see what I mean.


Rather a startling picture right?


Sin also brings up the topic of forgiveness.


If you or I forgive a sin done against us, is there any reason for the sinner to kowtow to God for more forgiveness?


The sin, once forgiven by you or I is, well, forgiven. What exactly is God forgiving. The sin has been annulled by our forgiveness so God forgiving it is rather superfluous and in reality, if at the pearly gates, God were to seek to punish a forgiven sin then one could make a case that God is unjust.


Is God sticking his nose where it is not required in the case of saying we sin against him and in our seeking forgiveness for a forgiven sin?


Most here will know that psychologically speaking, it is quite healthy for us to forgive.

Is there any psychological damage being done when forgiveness is denied us as the forgiving person and is it also damaging for the sinner to go through life wondering and or fearful of what God will forgive or not.


Are religions actually hurting it's adherents with the guilt that they create?




In the case of Gays and women and the denigration and discrimination they suffer we know that there is damage but what about all the other sins that might not actually be sins?








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I don't see what this has to do with psychiatry or psychology.

Shouldn't you have posted it under religion?.


I agree that that may have been my best choice but I cannot post there yet.


I did want to see what those who are learned in the workings of the mind though about the guilt angle that some theists must live under for years at a time.


I recently found this----




and could not for the life of me dither out why these two women did not throw off the shakles of tradition that, to me, kept then in, and giving $$$ to, an orgonization that they had lost faith in and who was basically rejecting their children.




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"I agree that that may have been my best choice but I cannot post there yet."

There's a reason for that.

I'm pretty sure this thread is breaking the rules.


Yes, the point of the Religion restriction is that you need 30 posts to be eligible to discuss religion. Unfortunately I have to close this.

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