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Organic Chemistry Reference Sites


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This may or may not have been better placed in the references thread, but seeing as I'm talking mostly about organic chemistry references, I thought I might place it here. Just a collection of useful and cool websites I have encountered:


Organic Chemistry Portal




This site is brilliant. Kind of like organowiki, except a bit messier and has various search methods. You can, for instance, search up reactions based on functional groups. It provides examples from the literature for each reaction as well, with links to the original papers.




Organowiki is a very new site that I was put onto via a blog site I periodically read. It's a nice, simple and comprehensive list of various name reactions with wiki links.


NMR predictor




I used this site alot in undergrad if I got stuck (I still sometimes use it if I can't find could papers with references). It's only useful for 1H NMR predictions, but it does a particularly good job at it. You can use the tools in the java applet to integrate and pick peak as well.






If you don't already know what scifinder is and you're doing chemistry, you should make yourself familiar with it. It's my own personal go-to when I need to look up reactions. I mean, it lets you search papers by molecule or by what products/reagents etc you have in your reaction (it has a java applet for drawing them in) - that's just fantastic. There's a similar site called reaxys, which is different in that it's German and you can look up NMR. I don't have the link for it though.


Carbon Based Curiosities




Not really a reference site, just a favourite blog of mine. My favourite entry is the one on 'click' chemistry - http://www.coronene.com/blog/?p=345



Anyway, these are my personal favourites. Enjoy!

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My favourite of these sites is Organic Chemistry Portal...especially the way that you can search by the bond you want to make (i.e. get all reactions that form a N=C bond). Very useful I have found! Wikipedia is also a good place to remember the bascics of reactions you can;t quiet remember!

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I would like to add one more upcoming site: AdiChemistry


Had a brief look at this. It's really not complete at all in terms of a reference site. The organic reactions you chose to exemplify (which are few, to say the least) are obscure for tuition at undergraduate level, with one or two notable exceptions. Your inorganic section is also quite lacking. The document on IUPAC nomenclature is good if all you ever deal with is alkyl chains, but this is not the case for college/university level course work. The only thing I found that was even slightly thorough in its content was your document on analytical chemistry and also the phys chem documents. That being said, I didn't read the whole thing, so maybe I am wrong.


In any case, this is a thread about organic chemistry reference sites and to be brutally honest, the one you linked was not one I'd recommend for organic chemistry. I was in fact tempted to report this as advertising spam, but I decided to leave it given the nature of the thread.

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This website looks like it a copy-paste job from Wikipedia and "The Organic Chemistry Textbook" though. Not very good though, very basic information that doesnt have any up-to date references in it with new improvements.


While the NMR-predicter is ok for simple molecules, it'l be no use for more complicated moleules. It also doesn't take into account the diasteroisomer difference. But, when your stuck with a compound...every little helps.


Actually, I've just put the NMR of one of my compounds I've made into that NMR predictor. While it didn't get the hydrogen at -0.5ppm (not that I'd expect it too), it didn't get much of the others right. It doesn;t appear to like having aromatic rings in it.

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Couldn't agree more. I actually found it very useful when I was doing sugar chemistry and I was trying to find where my ridiculously small ring bound H peaks were. Damn things were near impossible to see. It also gave me very accurate peak predictions for the aromatic functionalities on my protecting groups. It's useful for the stuff you might encounter in undergraduate as well. But yes, in terms of predicting long-range affects, etc. it could be better.

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Drug Synthesis:- A field of organic chemistry



There are few more sites about organic chemistry. The one of which is www.drugsyn.org which has been started in 2011. The site gives schematic representation for the synthesis of many drugs which can be browsed through their search page alphabetically. This molecules are the one which has been reported in the literature.

One more site is www.synarchive.com which gives description about synthesis of natural products reported in literature. Even synthesis involving more then 20 steps has been summerized.

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