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Should reading your wife's e-mail be a crime?


Should reading your wife's e-mail be a crime?  

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  1. 1. Should reading your wife's e-mail be a crime?

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He shouldn't have been going through his wife's e-mail, but in my opinion this should be more of a moral problem than a criminal problem. In other words, he was in the wrong, but he shouldn't go to jail or go to court over something so stupid.


A Rochester Hills man faces up to 5 years in prison — for reading his wife’s e-mail.


Oakland County prosecutors, relying on a Michigan statute typically used to prosecute crimes such as identity theft or stealing trade secrets, have charged Leon Walker, 33, with a felony after he logged onto a laptop in the home he shared with his wife, Clara Walker.


Using her password, he accessed her Gmail account and learned she was having an affair. He now is facing a Feb. 7 trial. She filed for divorce, which was finalized earlier this month.


Legal experts say it’s the first time the statute has been used in a domestic case, and it might be hard to prove.


Read more: http://landofthefreeish.com/privacy/is-reading-your-wifes-e-mail-a-crime/

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