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School Uniforms: Looking at both sides of the argument


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Most people in the world disapprove of the concept of school uniforms existing in public schools, despite this, a few individuals (primarily lower-class individuals living in England) approve of the concept. So let's just take a moment and look at the pros and cons of school uniforms.



Why school uniforms shouldn't ever exist in public schools:

-Students work better when they are able to choose their own attire.


-This is one thing that separates public schools from private schools, since private (often religious) schools have them, and public schools don't. If you want your son/daughter to wear a uniform, you send them to a private school, if not, then don't.


-Contrary to popular belief, real life school uniforms are (for the most part) not the sexy and revealing uniforms that anime shows, and they are usually hideous looking garbs.


-It gives students the ability to express themselves in a healthy and non-violent manner.


-Uniforms repress and punish individuality.


-Students who wear uniforms often find them uncomfortable.


-It's unnecessary totalitarianism and a limitation of freedoms.


-Uniforms have proven


-Uniforms do not prevent bullying.


-No one would listen to the rule, because you can't give someone freedom their entire life, and then just take it away, students, especially in high school, would just ignore the rule.


-If such a rule was ever passed, it would start protesting, riots, and rebellion. I've witnessed this first-hand when the school board of a district in my area tried to pass a rule requiring uniforms, and many students and parents protested and started a petition, banning the passage of their uniform rule.


-Uniforms are often expensive, more expensive than normal clothing. In real life high school isn't like what you see on TV where you have to have the very latest fashion or else you get picked on, it's nothing like that at all actually.


-Most students dress appropriately anyway, and most responsible school boards do have some minor guidelines prohibiting too revealing or inappropriate clothing from being worn (i.e. coming to school in your underwear, or wearing a shirt that advocates using meth).


-Uniforms wouldn't stop gangs if such gangs existed (there are no gangs in my area, so I wouldn't know much about that). Assigning a uniform would just be trying to blanket the gang issue, instead of getting to the heart of the problem (putting an end to the gangs).


-It makes normal clothing almost entirely useless since what's the point of owning normal clothes if you can only wear it two days a week?


-Uniforms would promote violence, since many people don't like the idea of school uniforms, so more people would shoot up school board meetings, from political activists who are against school uniforms and willing to become martyrs for their beliefs against school uniforms.


-Sub-culture is not a bad thing, and not having uniforms allows students to explore both mainstream culture and sub-culture, should they wish to.



"Good" things that school uniforms can possibly bring:

-It eliminates the ability for students to choose their own clothing, because if it actually worked (which it wouldn't), it could in theory make it so that they have to wear the same thing everyday.


-It forces people to actually care about school pride, whereas normal schools that don't force school uniforms often do NOT require students to actually take "pride" in their school. But even this "pro" for school uniforms is a fallacy, since just because you wear a uniform depicting something, doesn't necessarily mean you support it.

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