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German doctors declare ‘cure’ in HIV patient

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WASHINGTON — German researchers who used a bone marrow transplant to treat a cancer patient with the AIDS virus, have declared him cured of the virus—a stunning claim in a field where the word “cure” is barely whispered.


The patient, who had both HIV infection and leukemia, received the bone marrow transplant in 2007 from a donor who had a genetic mutation known to give patients a natural immunity to the virus.


Nearly four years after the transplant, the patient is free of the virus and it does not appear to be hiding anywhere in his body, Thomas Schneider of Berlin Charite hospital and colleagues said.


“Our results strongly suggest that cure of HIV has been achieved in this patient,” they wrote in the journal Blood.


Read more here http://www.thestar.com/article/907565--german-doctors-declare-cure-in-hiv-patient



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A few things that need to be noted. First the described process itself is a very dangerous process and can lead to death, as such, it is most likely not a very appealing therapy in its current form. In addition it requires compatibility as well as immunity of the donor, which further limits practical application. Also, it would require quite some more time to establish whether the virus may still be present.


Other than that, very interesting. that such a brute force method appeared to work.

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But the idea that there can be a genetic mutation that makes us immune to HIV is wonderful. Go go gadget genetic studies!


But all kidding aside that is probably where this type of cure will come from since bone marrow transplants are so complex.



The study will show how the immune system works and show how the HIV and the body works and this will lead to better treatment and may be a cure in the future

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