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Hi all


I have been doing a bit of research and stumbled across this forum. I am hoping for a bit of help.


I am a cat breeder and we have been having ongoing issues with Microsporum Canis (Ringworm) for about 6 months now. Alot of breeders in my area are battling with the same problem, not sure why.


Anyway, I am using Itracozonole to clear up the problem but then I notice it on another cat, and then another..... the battle continues. The problem is Itracozonole cannot be used on pregnant Queens so we are blind as to which cat has the problem and not yet showing symptoms.


I have been looking into culturing the fungi myself for each cat until we get negatives.


My question is about the medium to use. I have done some research and not being in a science field, I am unsure as to how and where I can buy the medium.


I have come across a home made one as follows:

Cereal Agar (CER)

Mixed Cereal baby food (Pablum or Heinz) 25 g

Agar 5 g

Water 250 ml


Used for promoting sporulation in many fungi

including dark molds, dermatophytes and other

hyphomycetes and for maintaining stock cultures. Not

commercially available.


Can someone please help me if they know this will actually work? Or point me in the right direction please?

I have never cultured anything before so any advice would be great.





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I think your main problem will be that you'll get lots of different fungi (as well as bacteria) growing on that. To do a proper culture you'd probably need a growth medium that is more specific to the ringworm fungus.


I can't help you with another suggestion though, I'm afraid.

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I suppose the spores of the fungus is present in the house on dropped hairs and such, so I suggest the steaming type of vacuum cleaners to clean the house, but I do not know if it can solve the problem.

I've not kept cats before...

you may need to treat the cats all together. and treat the fleas and mite if any.

I found two articles.




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