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hallo we have in scool had a projekt about energy i choose sunlight (fusion had allredy been taken) i find out solar cells was mede to collekt light from one coller more efficiently than other. So here is my question: can a solar cell colekt UV. or IR light and i that case could you meke then nerly transperrent?


sorry i wrote this in the wrong forum you may answer the question i have allredy written the projeckt/report

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If IR could be used, wouldn't it spark an energy boom? Since IR is present everywhere?


It would depend on the manufacturing cost and how long the panels last, because it's not just energy conversion efficiency that matters, it's the overall cost efficiency. The target point is about $1 per Watt. At that point, if the unit could produce an average of 3W-h of energy per day and last 10 years, it makes 10.95 kW-h of electricity, which has a retail cost of a little above $1 (in the US, using $.10 per kWh). An improvement on either longevity or efficiency makes it more cost-effective. Efficiency is probably the tastier carrot, though, since it moves the break-even point of the investment earlier.

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