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Holding pen for overly argumentative posts


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Sometimes a user will refuse to admit they made an error and continue arguing. Not listen to what they are told. Misinterpret what is being said, take issue with strawmen, and so on.

It gets to seem like they are arguing just for argument's sake. We need a place for posts that might arise this way, so we can move them here and take some time to think about it---see if the post might have merit, or arises from honest misunderstanding, or is just arguing for its own sake.


So here's a thread for that kind of thing, so we can move posts here and check them out. And in some cases move them back into the original thread! Hopefully, if on reflection there seems to be no intent to argue for its own sake and whatever confusion has been resolved.


Anyway that's what I plan to try here, and other staff (mods and others) who work in Astro/Cosmo are welcome to move stuff here, in and out of this thread.

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Sounds like censorship to me.


It's a silly idea. There are already mechanisms to handle mis-categorized posts. Next, we will be judging posts on the basis of other criteria besides being "overly" argumentative like being contrary to conventional wisdom. Shall we ban unorthodox views? Editors commonly use their perception of the consensus view to decide whether to accept a paper or article. Shall we require that all posts conform to the consensus? Are we to be editors or moderators? Censors or just guardians of civility and good behavior? People do not have to read any given post. They can censor it for themselves. Like the song says "Paranoia strikes deep." But, megalomania strikes deeper.

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