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Large Hadron Collider music


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The astonishing ATLAS Experiment at CERN in Geneva has already made headlines around the world for it's pioneering research into the origins of the Universe.




They have also turned their minds to music, adding weight to the theory that music and physics are more closely linked than would at first seem apparent.



They are releasing an album titled 'Resonance'.




We also have access to the 'Sound of the God Particle' - sounds generated by the Large Hadron Collider, these can be found at - http://lhcsound.hep....nds/Sounds.html



These are available for download, and can be freely used in music composition.



Tracks from the Resonance album have already been remixed using the LHC collision sounds, which can be found at - http://soundcloud.com/lhcremixes



We are really keen for people to make their own remixes and music with the sounds.



Free download - http://www.tweetfora...asExperimentLHC

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